We are a registered charity based in Northamptonshire which aims to reduce the physical, psychological and emotional harm caused to families, living with, or caring for someone who is addicted to drugs and or alcohol, empowering them to improve their lives, by offering a confidential telephone help line, support group and one to one meetings for the *family, completely separate from that offered to the substance user.

The service provides effective support, counselling, education and early intervention for those families, including and often forgotten, grandparents particularly those who may be left looking after children and young people. Families that we support come from a wide range of age, social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds.

In addition, the charity provides community awareness sessions in order to create empathy and cohesion within the community. Training sessions for Companies, professionals, and voluntary organisations.


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*Family denotes parent, carer, partner or any concerned other.

Referrals are accepted from all agencies - statuatory, voluntary and community bodies via:

  • Post (please download our referral form)
  • Telephone. We will complete the paper referral form over the telephone.
  • Online referral form. Click here to submit an online referral.

Upon receipt of your referral the procedures outlined below will then be followed:

  • We will contact the client within five working days (where possible).
  • We will inform you of the first contact date (for non self referrals).
  • You will only be further contacted if we feel there is information you need to know. (Unless there is a safeguarding issue.)

| Phone : 01933 224632 | Email : | Address: Family Support Link. West End House, 60 Oxford Street, Wellingborough, Northants, NN8 4JJ |

| Registered Charity Number: 1119358 |