We provide free, accessible and non-judgemental support, to those affected by another’s substance misuse throughout Northamptonshire.


Client Testimonial

Dear xxxx.

I hope all is well for you.

 We have just got back from a lovely holiday and it was great to have time away together

I've been meaning to write to you for some time to thank you in writing for all that you have done for us since first getting to know you mid 2016.

I cannot tell you how life changing it was to find you & FSL and just wish that it could've been sooner than later in the awful time that we had been through with our son who is an addict to drink and drugs.

If you remember I called you from a leaflet that came from the hospital as my wife xxxx had to spend a bit of time there which was all related to my son’s addiction.

To be honest I had no idea who I was calling and was reaching out in desperation as things had got so terribly bad and suddenly I had you on the end of the phone and it was life changing as for once somebody understood the problem and immediately related to the affect it had been on us mentally & financially and the impact on the rest of the family
You gave immediate, understanding and professional  advice which was so so welcome.

You listened to what we had to say about what was going on in our lives (which was now at an all time low) and straight away you were there for us and I cannot thank you enough. I can actually say you were like a knight in shining armour coming to our help and I genuinely mean that xxxx.

The advice and guidance that you gave us over the next year and a half & leading up to my sons imprisonment was absolutely wonderful and you are a fantastic person to know, always there for us, totally non judgemental & never forceful to the choice of direction that we may take.

Always excellent advice and guidance at a very hard time helping us to take back control of our lives and see the addiction for what it was and the devastating trail of hurt that it causes

I think our problem is far from over but we feel so much more wise & educated to the facts and reasons now and how we should tackle situations as they come along with a fuller understanding of the manipulation and desperation of a drug addict and the depth that they will go to to feed their habit regardless if you are parents or not.

You have been patiently and professionally teaching us options all along the way forward and have been inspirational in your support and we cannot thank you enough.

Having spent years of feeling alone and basically not seeing what the affect of addiction was doing to us all we now have FSL and certainly do not feel alone any longer. The group meetings that we now attend put us in touch with others who are at varying stages of a journey through someone’s addiction and the strength, support and knowledge in numbers is amazing and so very helpful.

You have got to know me well now xxxx and I can ramble on but I just had to put it in writing with a huge thank you from both of us.

This should be a national service as everyone always talks about the addicts and seem to forget the affect that their addiction is having on families and often ripping them apart. It is such a shame that this is such an area of neglect and understanding and thank God for people like Sandra who through experience and heartache took it on themselves to do something about it and reach out to so many people suffering the affect of being around an addict.

There must be thousands of people in the country going through what is often like hell on earth and I pray that FSL will grow and grow so that everyone can have the support that we have had.

I know it’s not over yet and maybe never will be but now we have you and the FSL team at the end of the phone and at meetings and with whatever happens, through your dedication, teaching and amazing knowledge on addiction, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel and guidance in how to get on with our lives the best that we can without being slaves to an addict ~ son or not !!

Thank you so much ~ you are an amazing lady and FSL are an amazing charity ~ hopefully just in their infancy ready to grow and bring “hope” to many. “From Small Acorns”

 Thank you ~ xxxx xxxx xx